The developments are conducted with the highest attention to details and confidentiality.
APorous has the technical expertise to utilize a variety of methods to achieve the desired porous membrane results.
The concentration of APorous expertise is in the thin porous film extrusion.  The film thickness capability ranges between 0.5 to 25 mils.  Examples of polymers that are produced into thin films are polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene and fluoro-polymer.  APorous also has the capability of laminating porous films onto nonwoven and substrates to improve strength, absorbency and dimensional stability.  Much of the APorous product developments are proprietary.  Two of the products that can be demonstrated by the APorous laboratory are:

     Thermoplastic Food Casing. US Pat. No. 6,589,615.
     Wettable Nonwoven Battery Separator.
     US Pat. No. 6,495,292.

Provide membrane technologies for food packaging and battery separator applications.
Our Services & Products
APorous is ideally set-up to develop and manufacture melt blends, alloys, compatible plastic compounds, filled polymers and other polymer modifications.
APorous is an innovative new products development company, specializing in porous film development and compounding of specialty resins.
Film Products
The concentration of APorous expertise is in the thin porous film extrusion.
The term compounding implied the blending of polymers and additives to modify the properties of a polymer and achieve homogeneous mixture.  APorous specializes in custom plastic compounding.  A twin screw extruder is used to blend resins, reinforcing fillers, pigments, plasticizers, lubricants, antioxidants and curatives.  Vacuum is utilized to de-volatile low boilers.  
APorous has supplied color concentrate for packaging cast film extrusion, semi-compatible polymer-silica blends for blown film application and specialty polymer-glass blends for injection molding parts.