APorous performs contract product developments for multi-national clients.
APorous has the technical expertise to utilize a variety of methods to achieve the desired porous membrane results.
Provide membrane technology for the battery separator, medical applications, food safety and processing.
Aporous provides compounding services and film products for battery and food packaging.
Our Company
APorous is an innovative new products development company, specializing in porous film development and compounding of specialty resins.  The company develops new products and new product applications to its existing platforms through a consulting and contractual basis.  The APorous capability is supported by a state of the art extrusion-line installed in 1998.  This equipment is designed to blend and compound specialty polymers, organic, inorganic and anti-microbial additives.

APorous has targeted three distinct market sectors that have an immediate demand for the technology and know-how.  Examples of the target markets are color-concentrates, anti-microbial resin for food packaging, breathable food packaging film, separation membrane, battery separators and battery components.  Several products had been successfully demonstrated and are protected by established patent rights.  APorous currently is supporting clients in all phases of product implementation, i.e. product development, equipment design, procurement and toll manufacturing.