Provide membrane technologies for food packaging and battery separator applications.
Compounding Services
APorous specializes in custom plastic compounding for low-volume clients.  Custom plastic compounding services are often required when customers have special needs in formulation and/or processing that cannot be obtained from traditional resin manufacturers.  In such cases, APorous is ideally set-up to develop and manufacture melt blends, alloys, compatible plastic compounds, filled polymers and other polymer modifications.  The product may be jointly researched between the client and APorous to achieve a solution.  Special process conditions and equipment configurations are usually proprietary to the compounder.  Formulations for the compound are generally the property of the customer unless otherwise specified by prearranged circumstances.  The charge for custom plastic compounding includes costs associated with development, extrusion of a melt compound, analytical and physical testing, handling, packaging, and shipping.
Compounding equipment to pelletize custom color and resin formulations.
APorous offers R&D services for the development of specialized products or processes, plus toll compounding service, whereby a customer contracts APorous to manufacture an internally developed product.  Toll compounding requires little or no development effort.  APorous will utilize materials and packaging supplies purchased and provided by the customer.  Special process, equipment configuration and formulation for toll compounding are generally specified by the customer.  The charge is simply the cost associated with the compounding and the performing of quality control tests.
Cast film equipment to fabricate thin packaging and separator films. 
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